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Narayana Fulfils Dreams: Celebrating Outstanding Results in 10th and 12th CBSE Board Exams

Narayana Schools continue to set the standard for academic excellence, our students have once again demonstrated exceptional achievements in the recently announced CBSE Class 10th and 12th results for 2024.

Narayanite Agastya Remani made headlines with an exceptional score of 498 out of 500, achieving an impressive aggregate of 99.6% in the CBSE Class 10th results. Agastya has not only secured top honours but has also etched his name in the annals of Narayana’s success stories. Agastya’s journey to academic excellence is a testament to his unwavering commitment to learning and his ability to thrive under pressure. Amidst the rigours of exam preparation, Agastya found solace and rejuvenation in his favourite games – chess and table tennis. These games, known for their strategic depth and mental agility requirements, provided Agastya with a platform to unwind, sharpen his focus, and relieve stress during crucial study sessions.

Agastya’s success in both academics and extracurricular activities is a testament to Narayana Schools’ commitment to overall development of students. Narayana believes in nurturing not just academic excellence but also fostering well-rounded individuals capable of excelling in diverse domains. By encouraging students to pursue their passions and interests, Narayana Schools create an environment where talent thrives and dreams take flight.

Some of the other noteworthy achievers include 9 Narayana students who surpassed 495 marks in the CBSE 10th 2024 board exams, representing various regions such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. Furthermore, a total of 2,012 Narayana students achieved scores exceeding 90% in these exams.

Performance of Narayanites in the CBSE Class 12 exams was another reason to celebrate. Narayanite Khyati Sharma, secured an impressive 493 out of 500 marks, achieving an aggregate of 98.6%. Alongside Khyati, 6 Narayanites hailing from Maharashtra and Karnataka surpassed 490 marks in the CBSE 12th 2024 board exams. Furthermore, 23 students achieved scores exceeding 485, and a total of 667 Narayanites achieved scores exceeding 90% in the CBSE 12th 2024 board exams. 

Dr. P. Sindhura and Ms. P. Sharani, directors of Narayana Educational Institutions, expressed their joy on the outstanding results of the CBSE 10th and 12th Board exams, stating, “These exceptional achievements not only reflect the dedication and hard work of our students but also reaffirm our commitment to excellence in education. Our institution’s integrated curriculum, drawing from various boards such as CBSE, ICSE, IGSE, IB, and others, is tailored to enhance students’ conceptual understanding across all subjects.

We emphasise a strong foundation in fundamentals, empowering students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel. Our micro-schedule, a meticulously structured education delivery system, ensures engaging, enjoyable, and effective learning experiences for our students.”

“Our tech-enabled framework, including our flagship application, nLearn, provides students access to engaging content, practice problems, assignments, and tests. Content and questions are curated based on individual abilities and understanding, making learning adaptive and enhancing comprehension and application of each topic”, they further added.

In addition to academic excellence, Narayana Schools prioritise students’ active participation in co-curricular and sports activities. Participation in sports promotes physical health and teaches the importance of fitness, discipline, and teamwork, while co-curricular activities help develop essential life skills such as leadership, perseverance, and time management.

Narayana Schools have consistently set new benchmarks in education, continuing our legacy of excellence. Our commitment to innovation and learning strengthens us as we navigate dynamic changes in the education landscape, ensuring continual growth and success year after year. In celebrating the triumph of these students, Narayana Schools reiterate their commitment to nurturing talent and empowering students to achieve their dreams of a bright future.

At Narayana, we remain steadfast in our dedication to guiding students towards academic excellence while also focusing on their overall development and success in their chosen endeavours. We are committed to ensuring that they become confident individuals capable of turning their dreams into reality, as Your Dreams Are Our Dreams.

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